Hidden Deep is Cogwheel Software’s atmospheric sci-fi horror game, released on Jan. 24, 2022, in early access. Being in early access means that the game is not fully complete, but players can enjoy it as the developer updates it. This may leave fans wondering how long it takes to beat Hidden Deep.

According to the Steam page, it will take over 20 hours to beat the story mode of Hidden Deep. The early access release includes ten levels in the story mode, and the page lists that 20 hours of main story gameplay will be completed in the early access period.

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This time will vary depending on skill level and how thorough players are when they explore the dark tunnels of Hidden Deep. Death is a common occurrence in the game, so the player will likely die multiple times and attempt parts a couple of times.

In addition to this, there are four challenge modes players can enjoy once they have completed the main story. There is also co-op in the game, which can extend or shorten the game time depending on your teamwork!

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