Time is a precious thing all gamers never have enough of. For this reason, it is fairly important to know how much time you will be sinking into a new game. If you were wondering how long it takes to beat Dodgeball Academia, the answer is between 10 and 15 hours.

While the developers have not said specifically how long it should take, the 10 to 15-hour mark should be correct. The game runs the player through primary missions and encounters in which they must succeed or retry until they do. Just completing the main missions will probably see the player completing the game around the 10-hour mark.

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There are additional side quests in Dodgeball Academia as well as combat encounters that can be missed. If the player seeks out and completes all of these side quests and extra encounters, then the time will be closer to the 15-hour mark. 

This doesn’t take into account having to replay missions, getting stuck on certain parts, or people’s playstyles. As a result, 15 hours is the estimate of about how long the average player will take with those who speed through and those who take their time completing Dodgeball Academia at the 10 and 20-hour mark respectively.

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