The Forsaken Maiden is the second game in the Voice of Cards series. It tells the story of a mute girl named Laty who’s on a journey to become a maiden, people who perform a sacred ritual to protect their island. While it can be played as a standalone game, its lore is heavily connected to the first one.

Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden’s main story is roughly 15 hours long. Those looking to complete their collections, clear post-game content, and earn all trophies may need an additional five to 10 hours. Some items are missable during the first playthrough, after all.

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Compared to The Isle Dragon Roars, the first game, The Forsaken Maiden is a much longer experience. It has bigger maps, harder puzzles, and equally more difficult battles. If you’re new to Voice of Cards, you could even take more than 15 hours, as you’ll be spending those first few familiarizing yourself with the game’s unique mechanics.

Either way, it’s an enjoyable experience—a huge improvement from the first game!

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