Triangle Strategy, which releases on March 4, 2022, has a playable demo on the Nintendo Switch Store. The demo will take players around three to four hours to complete. The demo covers the game’s prologue, which is the first three chapters and allows players to experience gameplay and combat mechanics before purchasing the full game. All progress made in the game’s demo carries over if players choose to buy the game afterward.

What is in Triangle Strategy’s demo?

In Triangle Strategy’s demo, players can experience the game’s dialogue and choice system, which will play a large role in the game’s final release. Choices that players make will impact many different aspects throughout the game. Players are capped out at level five for the demo, which you can reach easily before the game’s release.

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At the start of the demo, players can choose their difficulty setting (Very Easy, Easy, Normal, and Hard) to really get a feel for the game’s turn-based RPG combat. Three major battles will give players a taste of the game’s combat system.

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