If you are wondering how long a day is in Tribes of Midgard, it’s around 10 minutes of real-time starting the first day in the game.

The first day in the game starts at around 10 minutes and will take this long to fully complete. But as the days progress, the days become shorter, and the nights will be longer, and so it takes longer to complete full days in real-life hours. When the 14th day comes, days in Tribes of Midgard stop happing and will never end.

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This is called the forever night, which is also known as the Fimbulwinter or forever winter. It’s as the name suggests, a night that doesn’t end and a winter season that also doesn’t end.

When day 14 happens, the game world will be stuck in this state, and you will not be able to reverse it, so if you are trying to complete objectives such as the saga quest, it’s recommended to do so before reaching day 14.

Both jotuns and horde nights will also become very difficult to manage outside of having a full team of players when the game reaches day 14.

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