Before diving headfirst into the village of Villedor, players have to get through the introduction of the game. This will take the form of three Story Quests, all of which teach the player about their movement options, crafting abilities, Skills, and combat. This will take somewhere between one and a half to two hours depending on how much the player skips and how efficiently players get through these tutorial missions.

Tutorial Quests

The first three quests have Aiden learn about the several mechanics of the game. Between each quest, players are unable to go outside of the quest area or they will fail the mission as a result. While this can seem frustrating for players wanting to get into the meat of the game, there are many resources that players can get during this portion of the game to give them an edge early in the game.

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Pilgrim’s Path is the first Story Quest outside of the tutorial but still limits players from moving forward. They will have to complete this quest along with Getting Stronger and Markers of Plague before they can unlock the rest of the map. Villedor is unlocked at the end of Markers of Plague once players use their binoculars for the first time.

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