On default settings in Project Zomboid, it will take around two to three days to turn into a zombie. However, if the player dies before three days, they will instantly become zombies as long as they are infected with the Knox Virus.  

Players will also turn into a zombie if they get mauled to death by zombies, even if they weren’t infected prior. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to take necessary precautions when dealing with the undead. That said, here are some quick tips on not to get infected and to avoid zombies in Project Zomboid.

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The first tip is to wear layers and add padding. The more clothes a player has, the less likely the player will get bitten, especially if players pad their clothes with denim or leather. In short, adding padding will increase the protection clothes give against all zombie attacks. 

Another tip is to use stealth, as players can avoid a lot of zombies in Project Zomboid simply by sneaking around. Use the C button to sneak and use cover to help obscure you from being spotted by Zombies. By using stealth, players can also reduce the chance of getting infected by getting bitten when fighting zombies. 

Now for the final tip, simply don’t run. In Project Zomboid, players can outrun all zombies on default settings. Because of this, it’s not recommended to run, as you will only draw in more zombies, plus trip if you run into them.

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