Since its launch in March of 2022, Tunic has been capturing the hearts and minds of everyone willing to give it a chance. It follows an adventurous fox in a familiar-looking green tunic as he embarks on an adventure in a sprawling world full of secrets.

Depending on the player’s skill level and determination to collect everything in the game, Tunic will take between 12-20 hours to complete. Checking Steam reviews found the bulk of users’ playtime in this area at the time of review/completion and lined up our playthroughs.

Those on the higher end of the skill spectrum, or those running with the invincibility mode enabled, will be able to work their way through the game closer to that dozen-hour mark. However, Tunic is not an easy game, and those looking to fully experience the challenge of combat and puzzles will be looking more so at 17-20 hours.

With a New Game+ mode and plenty of secrets to uncover, the total playtime could very well balloon into several dozen hours before every proverbial stone has been turned over.

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