Dead by Daylight has quite a few little tricks to help the killer spot nearby survivors, and scratch marks are one of them. They are inconvenient, glowing emblems that appear near and on the path of the survivor that inform the killer of where you are. How long do they last exactly you might be thinking? Well, we’re here to tell you!

Scratch marks last exactly 10 Seconds and become their brightest after One Second, which means that they are very noticeable for the entire duration of the time that they are active. Due to the fact that they only last for a short time, it means that the killer will be on a fresh trail if they find any, which is why they are not so handy for survivors!

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Scratch marks cannot be avoided and survivors cannot see their own scratch marks unless they have the Fixated perk, so essentially they are unavoidable unless you choose to slowly go around the map instead of sprinting, as they appear once you have reached 60% of your running capacity.

So much for speedily getting around the map, as it’ll help lead the killer right to you! Of course, if the killer doesn’t see the marks then the sprinting was worth it!

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