Fighting in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be fun and challenging. You’ll often find that even small things can take you to victory. That’s especially true with boss fights where you need every bit of help to take the monster down. When you learn how Interlinking works in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, some of the most brutal enemies will be easier to defeat.

Interlinking is the action when two characters merge into one creature called Ouroboros. This doesn’t mean that you’ve just sacrificed your heroes, as Ouroboros doesn’t last forever. These special units don’t have cooldowns for Arts; instead, by using them, they fill the heat meter. Ouroboros lasts until they fill the heat meter, at which point your heroes will return to their human forms. 

You’ll meet with Interlinking for the first time at the end of Chapter 1. Unfortunately, you won’t have a chance to do it yourself until you complete boss fights connected to this ability. After that, you’ll be able to use Interlinking whenever you like. For Interlinking to work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need to pair specific characters:

  • Noah & Mio
  • Lanz & Sena
  • Taion & Eunie

Each pair of main characters creates different Ouroboros. To create a stronger Ouroboros, you need to boost the Interlink level by using Fusion Arts in battle. The highest you can go is Interlink level 3. Here’s how Interlinking works in action:

  1. In a fight, press the left button on D-pad to start merging.
  2. While in Ouroboros form, you don’t have cooldowns for Arts, but watch for the heat meter.
  3. After you fill the meter, Ouroboros will dissolve, and you’ll have your characters again.
  4. To repeat Interlinking, you must wait for a while and have the Fusion Arts available (not on a cooldown).
  5. You can always cancel merging by pressing the down button.

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