Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 added a new field upgrade, which players can equip in their Multiplayer loadouts. The Trophy System is a deployable defense system that interacts with and destroys up to three incoming explosive projectiles.

This fast recharging field upgrade protects you from enemy launcher rounds and lethal equipment within its restricted radius. However, it doesn’t work against Throwing Knife. You can destroy an enemy Trophy System by shooting bullets into it.

Moreover, it self-destructs after blocking three explosives or after 45 seconds of deployment. Also note that one player can only deploy two Trophy Systems simultaneously. Attempting to deploy a third destroys the first one.

How to unlock the Trophy System in Vanguard

Unlock Challenge: Survive 15 different matches without being killed by a grenade.

The only thing that’s bothersome about the new field upgrade is its unlock challenge. Although it was addressed in the Season 3 reveal blog that the Trophy System will be made available to all players immediately after the update, you will have to complete the challenge to equip it in your loadout.

Nonetheless, one way to do so is by avoiding fights and camping in a secluded spot on the map. Make sure to equip the Fortified perk and the Combat Shield for better efficiency. Hopefully, the developers will remove or at least change this appalling unlock challenge for the equipment.

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