The wanted system in Glitchpunk is the game’s way of punishing you when you commit hostile actions or crimes in front of or near the police. 

It works in a similar nature to other games like Grand Theif Auto or any open-world crime game made by Rockstar. 

When you do something bad, you’ll get stars, and cops will start coming after you. But in the case of Glitchpunk, you will instead get a yellow police icon that will slowly drain over time. 

The concept still doesn’t change much, as when you get this yellow icon, cops will start to appear on mass to kick your face in. 

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Keep committing crimes, or killing some of these cops, and eventually, this yellow cop icon will turn into a red one that won’t drain as fast, and you will need to visit a mod garage to get rid of it. More cops and cop cars will also come after you with a red wanted level.

You can find mod garages all over the map and what they do is change the color of your car. So if you want to get rid of a wanted level, you will need a car and visit one of these mod garages. 

To find these garages, simply look for paint can icons on your map and then drive through them when you find them.

However, you can also just avoid the police to get rid of the wanted level, but this only works for yellow wanted levels and not red ones. 

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