There are many ways to grow your units in The DioField Chronicle. One of them is investing points into the Skill Tree. The Skill Tree is an upgrade menu that unlocks early in the game, letting you invest skill points or SP to upgrade your characters’ skills. But how does it work exactly? This guide can help you understand the Skill Tree better.

How to use the Skill Tree in The DioField Chronicle

There are four Skill Trees in DioField—one for each unit type. If you upgrade one skill on the tree, all units that have the skill equipped will benefit from the upgrade. The kind of skills that a unit can have depends on their current weapon, so be sure to check those before you make a purchase.

The Skill Tree will allow you to unlock new skills and upgrade the ones offered with your weapons. You can even upgrade weapon skills that you don’t have access to yet.

To upgrade the skill that you want, go to it and hold the X or A button to confirm your selection.

Where should I invest my SP in The DioField Chronicle?

Since SP is shared between four Skill Trees, you must be careful about where to invest them. Some good initial practices include:

  • Upgrading offensive skills you often use (both for faster cooldown and extra damage)
  • Upgrading heals

Of course, since every player has different strategies they prefer, the best move is to always think about the skills you often use and invest your points into those. If you mess up, you can reset your SP allocation with 10,000G.

How to get more SP in The DioField Chronicle

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SPs can be earned as mission rewards during main and sub-quests. Therefore, try your best to fulfill all the extra goals. It doesn’t have to be during your first attempt, either. You can redo your past battles in Practice Battle when you’re a little stronger. You can access it by selecting the map in the same room the Institute is in.

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