Nebula V Rounds is the latest Field Upgrade that was introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone with the Season 2 update. A part of the Search and Deploy limited-time event, this equipment alters your weapon’s magazine like the Stopping Power Rounds.

While the Nebula V Rounds don’t boost the damage output of the gun, a player killed using these bullets emits a toxic gas cloud that blurs visibility, hinders movement, and deals damage to anyone nearby. This is the same deadly gas that encircles the safe zone and is used in the Gas Grenade throwable.

The effects of Nebula V Rounds wear off after some time and can be countered using a Gas Mask. Furthermore, when you down someone with this poisonous gas ammunition, they’ll take damage while using self-revive. Any of their teammates reviving them will also take damage overtime.

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Where to find the Nebula V Rounds Field Upgrade in Warzone?

nebula v rounds in warzone
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This Field Upgrade is a rare loot item that spawns randomly across Caldera. If you want to get your hands on the Nebula V Rounds, there are certain locations that have a guaranteed supply of this special gas ammo. You can find them inside the seven Bunkers and the Chemical Factory building near Docks.

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