MyGM mode is a brand new mode in WWE 2K22 that lets you take control of the General Manager of a show and run it how you like. When starting MyGM mode, you will create your GM, pick a real one, and then head to the draft.

The draft in MyGM mode lets you choose what superstars are on your roster. Each GM starts the draft with a total of $2,750,000 and can draft any superstar they can afford during their turn. There are eight rounds of the draft, after which GMs can opt-out or continue to draft if they still have cash.

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The draft menu gives helpful details about each superstar, including their alignment, class, cost, and popularity. The draft can also give superstar recommendations based on who you already drafted.

Tips for Drafting a Great Roster

It is important to have a variety of superstars on your roster, just like the real WWE. You will want a mix of face and heel superstars to create amazing rivalries. Your show will also have championships, so it is good to have contenders for each, including women’s championships and tag team championships.

During the draft, your budget will play a big part in forming your roster. You can spend all your money and get a great roster, or you can save money to recruit free agents later on. On your first MyGM run, it may be more fun to draft a full roster to experiment with more options of rivalries and storylines.

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