Mild Meadows returns to Fortnite Save the World, and with it comes Escalation Modifier benefits. How does the Escalation Modifier work? It is very simple. As a Commander’s elimination stream gets higher, the player’s team gets boosted damage capping out at 100%. Certain elimination streaks will also trigger an Elemental Burst dealing out additional damage and effects at each Commander’s location.

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Here is a breakdown of each Elemental Burst:

Elimination StreakElemental BurstDescription
30Nature BurstDeals initial damage and then stuns surrounding enemies for 3 seconds
60Fire BurstDeals initial damage and extra damage every second
90Dance BurstDeals initial damage, refills Commander’s energy, and makes Husks dance for 7 seconds
120Ice BurstDeals initial damage and then freezes nearby targets for 5 seconds
150Energy BurstDeals initial damage and causes nearby enemies to take increased damage for 10 seconds

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Escalation Modifier benefits are an exciting new way to enjoy Mild Meadows, but only if players can keep their elimination streaks going strong. As soon as the streak breaks, the Escalation Modifiers reset.

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