On day 14 in Tribes of Midgard, the game will enter a state known as the Fimbulwinter, an endless night mode. 

During Fimbulwinter, hordes will not stop attacking the village, and the entire game map will be permanently stuck in a cold state, so if you don’t have good cold protection, you will not be able to leave the village. 

Fimbulwinter will also never end, and so it’s highly advised to complete whatever objectives you want to complete and leave via the Bifrost before this point.

This is because it would be next to impossible depending on the number of players to hold the village and defeat bosses and gather resources. 

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Players, in all honestly, need an entire team with at least two people holding the village gates, a lot of souls to repair weapons, and fully upgraded towers and gates with arrows to stand a chance. 

Two other players would then need to gather resources and kill any jotuns that spawn, as that is the last thing you need in this nightmare mode.

On the plus side, if you manage to hold out for two days, including day 15, both day and night, you will unlock the warden class in Tribes of Midgard.

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