Tears of Themis’ DLC feature houses expansion packs with permanent reruns of past events. It can be accessed by all attorneys who have cleared the X-Note Main Story 2-28. Head to the X-Note Story menu, click Event, and select Past to download and delete DLCs.

Tears of Themis DLC events, explained

Tears of Themis is constantly expanding its content with event updates that usually follow a linear storyline. As a result, old events can feel out of place when rerun after the main characters reach relationship milestones. Events also require a lot of time and resources to participate in, so gameplay can feel taxing when multiple big events run at the same time.

The DLC event system solves these problems by permanently rerunning past major events, such as the Mysteries of the Lost Gold event. You can play through the content at your own pace and time and can access the event shop permanently as well. However, event banners are not permanent, so you need to wait for a banner rerun to score event SSRs that you miss.

How to Use the DLC Feature in Tears of Themis

The DLC feature allows you to download events of your choice. You can also delete events that you don’t plan to play to save mobile space. This doesn’t affect your progress, which will remain saved in your account even after deleting an event. All the resources that you earn through the event will also save despite deleting the DLC. If you want to continue playing an event that you deleted, you can download the DLC again and play it any time.

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