Since the game’s release, Dead By Daylight has had a ranking system to match players that has more or less remained the same. Players were challenged to climb from Rank 20 to Rank 1 by accumulating Pips, which are awarded based on how well you play during a match. Pips were awarded at the end of a match if you received enough points based on four separate categories.

As of the 5.2.0 update, players are no longer matched with each other based on their rank, but their skill-level with each Survivor or Killer. We have provided a quick rundown of this new ranking system (titled Skill-Based Matchmaking or SBMM) below.

Skill-Based Matchmaking uses Grades to determine a player’s skill-level with a character rather than a rank. Grades are earned similar to ranks: by accumulating Pips. Also similar to the current Ranking system, Pip are awarded to players at the end of a match based on how well they play in four categories: Boldness (interactions with the Killer), Survival, Altruism (interactions with other Survivors), and Objectives (interactions with objects to progress the match).

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When you receive Pips at the end of a match, they count towards improving your Grade for the character you’re playing. As you raise your grade from Ash IV to Iridescent I, you cross thresholds between each one. When you cross a threshold, you remain in that grade until you reach the next grade, or the Grades are reset (on the 13th of every month). You are then awarded Bloodpoints based on the grade you reached.

While this seems very similar to the current Ranking system (it seems like its Ash to Iridescent rather than Rank 20 to Rank 1), the difference lies in how you’re matched with other players. If you have crossed the threshold to an Iridescent grade, this method of matchmaking makes it far more likely that you’ll only match with other players who have also reached the Iridescent grade.

Each Killer is graded separately for each player. This means that if you are a high-skill Nurse, you will still match with low-skill Survivors if you’re playing as a low-grade Wraith. This makes it so you won’t struggle to improve your skills against higher-skilled Survivors if you don’t know how to play the Wraith.

All things considered, it looks like each game will be more evenly matched in the future!

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