Modern technology and Digimon go hand-to-hand. Digimon is short for “Digital Monsters,” so it makes sense for the franchise to incorporate digital technology into its worldbuilding. In Digimon Survive, you use your phone camera to find distortions in your surroundings. You can use your camera to find enemy Digimon and items. But first, you need to play the game for a little while to use the camera.

When can you use your camera in Digimon Survive?

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You don’t have access to your phone’s camera right away. You unlock it in the middle of the Prologue after you reach the shrine and are searching for the missing people. Not long into your search, Minoru will have a red exclamation point on him for you to interact with. Minoru has been taking pictures around the shrine and has noticed something freaky. He asks you to check your phone, and that’s how you gain access to your phone’s camera.

How does the camera work?

You can only use the camera when exploring, and when you’re in the first-person view searching for things. You can’t use it in the World Map or battles. To use the camera, press the R2 button on your DualShock controller when exploring a room. If you’re playing on Switch, the button will be ZL. Your camera will pop up on the screen and you can use it to scan your immediate area. When you notice some static on the screen, press the interact button. Interacting with the distortion will give you an item or have a Shadowy figure pop out.

How to locate Digimon in Digimon Survive

You will face enemy Digimon naturally as you progress through the story or in “Free Battle” on the World Map. However, you can hunt down Shadowy figures while exploring locations. Shadowy figures can be found by interacting with a static distortion in your camera. When a shadow pops out, you have the choice to either Run from it or Fight it. Choosing fighting will put you in a battle with a few enemy Digimon. Rare Digimon are more likely to show up in these types of fights. For instance, you can face a wild Biyomon while exploring the empty rooms of the school in Part 1.

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