The Tears of Themis Secrets of the Tomb event takes Rosa and the male leads to the mysterious ruins of Khaimit. It runs from April 29, 2022, to May 20, 2022, and features a limited Shadows of Themis rotation, with new event SSRs featuring all four male leads.

The mechanics for the limited Shadow of Themis is unique, so read on to find out how to best use your resources and score the card you’re vying for.

Secrets of the Tomb SSR Pool

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This event features a separate banner for Luke, Artem, Marius, and Vyn, so you can aim for the male lead of your choice. However, each banner contains four SSRs, so there’s a chance to get an older card. You have a one percent chance of pulling for the Secrets of the Tomb SSRs and a 0.20 percent chance of getting an older SSR.


  • “Overflowing Thoughts” (new event SSR)
  • “Perfect Partner” (permanent SSR)
  • “Alluring Gaze” (permanent SSR)
  • “Shape of You” (Summer Breeze event SSR)


  • “Echoes Ablaze” (new event SSR)
  • “Atmospherics” (permanent SSR)
  • “Loving Memories” (permanent SSR)
  • “Entwined Fate” (Summer Breeze event SSR)


  • “Flickering Moonlight” (new event SSR)
  • “Near and Far” (permanent SSR)
  • “Medieval Suspense” (permanent SSR)
  • “Between Good and Evil” (Symphony of the Night event SSR)


  • “Dimly Lit” (new event SSR)
  • “Eye of the Beholder” (permanent SSR)
  • “Narrow Road” (permanent SSR)
  • “Fabulous Feast” (Symphony of the Night event SSR)

What is the Difference Between Tears of Themis – Sandsong and Tears of Themis – Limited?

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In this Shadow of Themis rotation, you can use three currencies to pull for cards: S-Chips, Tears of Themis – Sandsong, and Tears of Themis – Limited. Normal Tears of Themis can’t be used in the Secrets of the Tomb gacha, so don’t prematurely convert your S-Chips.

Using S-Chips to pull will naturally convert them into Tears of Themis – Sandsong, which is the primary currency used for this event. It’s safe to hoard Tears of Themis – Sandsong, as they will all be converted into normal Tears of Themis after the event ends.

Meanwhile, Tears of Themis – Limited can be obtained as rewards from the event. It can only be used in the Secrets of the Tomb gacha. It’s important to use all your Tears of Themis – Limited before the event ends, as they will be converted to Stellin afterward.

How Does Pity Work in the Secrets of the Tomb Shadow of Themis Rotation

Pity is at 100 pulls, and this will guarantee you the new event SSR. Moreover, pity is shared across all four banners. So if you pull 40 times in Marius’ banner and don’t get the event SSR, you only need 60 more to guarantee it in another boy’s banner.

If you prematurely get any old SSR, the pity counter will not reset. It will only reset after you get the Secrets of the Tomb SSR. Pity does not carry over to any banner in the future.

What are Traces of Tears – Sandsong?

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Each pull made in the Secrets of the Tomb banners will merit you one Trace of Tears – Sandsong. This can be exchanged for various resources, from Vision and Mind Stars to level-up materials, during the event period. Unused Trace of Tears – Sandsong will be converted to Stellin after the event.

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