Vehicles are the fastest and a preferred way to travel across the map in Call of Duty: Warzone. While using a vehicle marks you on the mini-map of nearby enemy players, a new contract has been introduced with Season 3 that may put a bounty on the vehicle you are driving.

Sabotage is a Caldera exclusive contract in Warzone that, once picked, assigns your squad a random vehicle target somewhere on the map. This increases the risk of traveling quickly across the map in ground and air vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, quad bikes, tac rovers, and helicopters.

Similar to the Bounty contract, players receive lucrative rewards for completing or surviving a Sabotage contract. The rewards include cash, an increased contract level, and an Armored Truck Deployment. The turret-mounted Armored Truck is the vehicle featured in the Armored Royale limited-time mode and has improved health over regular trucks that spawn on the map.

If the vehicle you are driving gets marked for a Sabotage contract, surviving enemies can be tricky. While you can always choose to abandon the vehicle, you can also fend off hostiles using gunpower and by deploying a Trophy System on top of your vehicle that’ll protect you from explosives.

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