In V Rising, Researching allows players to unlock new Technologies, which are just crafting recipes. Researching works similar to other survival games such as Rust, where players will need a specific resource to unlock new crafting recipes. In V Rising, the necessary resources for Researching are Paper and Research Books.

How to Research in V Rising

If you want to Research, you will first need to make a Research Table. After making the table take either 50 Paper or Research Books and open the Research Table. Inside the table, you will be able to research a random Technology or crafting recipe for 50 Paper. To use Paper, press the Discover button at the top of the Research Table’s menu. To Research specific recipes, you will need to use a Research Book and click Research at the bottom of the Research Table’s menu. 

How to make a Research Table in V Rising

To make a Research Table in V Rising, you will need the following resources:

  • 8 Planks
  • 120 Animal Hide
  • 80 Stone

Once you have the resources listed above, you will need to open the Build Menu in V Rising. To open the Build menu, press the B key and find the Research tab under Production. Under the Research table, you will be able to place down a Research table by left-clicking

How to get Research books in V Rising

Players can get Research books by slaying various enemies, including bosses, and by looting chests in the various locations in V Rising. 

How to get Paper in V Rising

If you want to get Paper in V rising, you will need to farm it from various enemies in V Rising. You can also farm Paper in locations such as the Bandit Logging Camp and Bandit Trapper Camp. Bandit Camps will also have enemies to farm for Paper and chests that will sometimes have Paper inside them. 

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