The Recruitment system, which players can access through the Recruit menu at the bottom of the screen, is Blue Archive’s character gacha system. You can pull for a variety of Students under the Regular, Pick-Up, and Limited banner categories.

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Learning how this system works can help you plan for future banners and make the most out of your Pyroxenes.

Regular Banner

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The Regular banner is active all year round and includes the pool of all existing Students. When a new non-limited Student is added to the Pick-Up banner, they’re added to the Regular Banner as well. Gacha rates are fixed across all Students in the Regular banner.

Cumulatively, the pull rates are:

  • One-star: 79 percent
  • Two-star: 18.5 percent
  • Three-star: 2.5 percent

Because no character is on rate-up, the chances of getting a specific Student decrease as more are added into the Recruitment pool. That’s why it’s not ideal to pull in this banner if you’re targeting a specific Student.

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Pick-Up Banner

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There are usually two Pick-Up banners happening at the same time, both of which will run for about two weeks before being replaced with a different selection of characters. When you pull on the Pick-Up banner, you’ll have a higher chance of obtaining featured Students, but the base rates per rarity remain the same.

For example, in Haruna’s Pick-Up banner, you’ll have a 0.7 percent chance of obtaining her compared to a 0.1 percent chance to get Aru. But all three-star characters combined will still total to a 2.5 percent pull chance.

Limited Banner

Blue Archive Global is yet to welcome its first Limited banner, but it’s expected to work the same way as the Pick-Up banner—granting higher chances of obtaining featured Students. The only difference is that Students who show up in the Limited banner don’t make it to the Regular banner, so you need to wait months or years for them to return.

If you’re a free2player with limited Pyroxenes, it’s usually recommended to save up for Limited banners as there’s no telling when they’ll return.

Recruitment Points

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Every Recruitment you make in any of the banners will merit you one Recruitment Point. These are shared across all banner types, and 200 Points can be traded for one of the Pick-Up characters. However, if you fail to get 200 by the time the Pick-Up banner ends, unused Recruitment Points will be converted to Keystone Pieces, essentially resetting your “pity” counter.

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