GRID Legends features a variety of game modes, including a campaign, multiplayer, and career mode. These provide players with ample opportunity to experience what the racing game has to offer. However, there is another game mode that lets you reach beyond the game’s limited approach.

Using GRID Legends Race Creator, players can create and customize their own races. This mode allows you to modify 10 different settings for a personalized experience. Here are all the Race Creator customization options in GRID Legends:

  1. Modifiers – You can choose to add Boost and Ramps to your race if needed. While ramps are great for airtime points, boosts can be acquired by going through checkpoints for a temporary speed boost to the car.
  2. Discipline – It determines the format and style of the race. You can choose from the following race settings:
    • Circuit Racing
    • Drift
    • Electric
    • Elimination
    • Head to Head
    • Multi-Class
    • Time Attack
    • Time Trial
  3. Class – GRID Legends features a plethora of vehicles from nine different classes and categories:
    • Touring
    • Tuner
    • GT
    • Drift
    • Track Day
    • Open Wheel
    • Trucks
    • Electric
    • Special
  4. Vehicles – Depending on the selected class and sub-class, you can choose from the vehicles available in that specific category.

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  1. Location – At the time of launch, the game featured tracks from 22 different locations from across the globe, including Barcelona, Moscow, and Dubai. You can also experience these locations in the story mode—Driven to Glory.
  2. Route – Each location has a variety of race tracks to select from. For instance, the Red Bull Ring location features six different track layouts.
  3. Conditions – You can also customize the weather and time of the day you race in. Conditions include Day, Afternoon, Sunset, Dusk, and Night. Every time period further has its own weather conditions such as Rain, Snow, and Storm.
  4. Laps – You have the option to select from as low as one lap, to as high as 99 laps for one race.
  5. Drivers – The number of drivers in the race can be set anywhere between two and 22.
  6. Advanced – The advanced settings determine some basic features of the race. While most of these options can simply be enabled or disabled, others can be set to a given value.
    • Grid Order
    • Vehicle Upgrade
    • Mechanic Upgrade
    • Damage Level
    • Terminal Damage
    • Flashbacks
    • AI Difficulty
    • Start Type

You can create and save up to four custom race themes in the Race Creator. To play multiplayer with friends, simply create a session and allow the players to join the game.

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