Arkane Studios’ Deathloop aims to meld the combat and abilities from their previous projects like Dishonored, combining them with a new and exciting premise. Colt is trapped in a time loop on the island of Blackreef, and the only way out is to eliminate eight targets known as Visionaries before the day ends. With such a peculiar premise, there are sure to be plenty of unique progression techniques.

Failing to kill all of the targets or dying will restart the day, taking Colt back to the beginning of this time loop. Colt will need to unlock and utilize abilities that make the mission easier if he wants any chance at success. Several powers have been shown:

  • Reprise – allows players to die and rewind twice before the loop restarts.
  • Karnesis – Colt can yank enemies around telepathically.
  • Shift – a short-range teleport.

Saving these abilities and the best weapons between Deathloops costs Residium. The game is designed so that Colt will amass an arsenal of weapons, powers, and tools that make the Deathloop easier the more you play. Users will be able to cater their kit to their playstyle.

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Players can also take the information they gather from their previous runs to piece together how they’ll need to operate against these targets. This includes their locations, habits, and personality traits. Be advised, as Julianna Blake, one of the Visionaries, will hunt Colt down during his journey. AI or an enemy player can control her. Each time she invades Colt’s game, a certain tune will play to alert this assassin to her presence.

Those interested in a more in-depth dive into Deathloop can visit Arkane’s Official Gameplay Walkthrough shown below.

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