Intrepid Studios’s upcoming game Ashes of Creation promises a revolutionary take on the MMORPG genre. Players will be able to directly influence the open world of Verra and shape civilizations based on the actions they take. One of the game’s many intricate features includes housing abilities, so read on to find out what options are available to you.

What are the benefits of housing?

  • Ability to claim citizenship to a node (and receive node benefits)
  • Ability to place furnishings and decorations
  • Storage spaces
  • Crafting benches
  • On a broader scale, housing units can introduce markets and economic wealth to a node

Household Security

A security system will be implemented into your housing units, allowing you to grant or block access to your home (such as who can open the door and enter, or who has permission to use crafting benches and other furniture). Each property has one single owner, but marriage will increase family size and allow home access to be shared.

What types of housing are available?

There are three types of housing in Ashes of Creation:

  • In-Node Houses
  • Freeholds
  • Instanced Apartments

Each player may own up to one of each housing type simultaneously.

In-Node Houses

As the name indicates, In-Node Houses are homes that can be acquired inside the physical footprint of a Node. These houses are purchased directly from the Node, likely through an auction process. Gardens are attached to these houses, so you can raise crops. How large an In-Node House can become (from a cottage to a mansion, for example) depends on the level of the parent Node.

Each account can have one In-Node House per server.

Instanced Apartments

Instanced Apartments are similar to In-Node Houses in that they are located directly inside of a Node. There will only be 50 initial apartments once the Node reaches a certain level (stage three), but future Node expansions will introduce more apartments. The price of these housing units will rise as more apartments are sold, so you’ll need to act fast to save money.

Like In-Node Houses, players can have one Instanced Apartment per server.


Freeholds are small parcels of land outside of Nodes that can become whatever the player wishes, allowing for much more flexibility and freedom than the other two housing options. Instead of building a house, for instance, you might decide to instead create a tavern, or a shrine, or some other building that holds significance to your character.

Players may only have one freehold per account (not server).

Can my housing units be destroyed?

The short answer is: yes. The world of Verra is dynamic and constantly shaped by its players, so if your house is targeted during a Node siege (even if you have a freehold), the building may either be temporarily or permanently destroyed based on the amount of damage taken.

Temporary destruction allows players to rebuild their home while losing none of their belongings. Permanent destruction will result in no existing building, and a portion of player storage would become loot for the successful siege party.

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