There are many ways to get and collect the numerous Espers in Dislyte. These are the characters that you will build your squad with to challenge the various game modes. While most are earned from using Gold Records, you can also get Espers through Fusion. This may leave you wondering how Esper Fusion works in Dislyte.

Dislyte Esper Fusion Guide

To begin Esper Fusion in Dislyte, you must first reach level 25. This will unlock Esper Fusion in the War Room. Once you have access to this feature, you can fuse Espers to create Fabrice and Gabrielle. These are both powerful Support Espers. You will need to gather specific Espers to fuse for these two. This includes specific Espers and Espers that have reached a specific Ascension level.

How to increase Esper Ascension

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You can increase an Esper’s Ascension in the Esper tab to a max of level six. You must go to the Esper you want to Ascend and select the Growth tab. Here, you will see Ascension. You must first have the necessary Wave that matches the Esper’s element to increase this. The rarity of the material will increase with each Ascension level.

How to Fuse Fabrice

Fabrice is the first Esper you can fuse. Here is how to get Fabrice in Dislyte.

  • Phase Four Ascension Berenice
  • Phase Four Ascension Inferno Esper
  • Phase Four Ascension Flow Esper
  • Phase Four Ascension Wind Esper
  • 20,000 Gold

How to Fuse Gabrielle

Gabrielle is the second Esper you can fuse. Here is how to get Gabrielle in Dislyte.

  • Phase Five Ascension Fabrice
  • Phase Five Ascension Inferno Esper
  • Phase Five Ascension Flow Esper
  • Phase Five Ascension Wind Esper
  • 50,000 Gold

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