Besides offering a compelling narrative, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is also filled with loads of interesting features that make the gameplay feel consistently fresh and exciting. One of these features is the game’s combat system, which offers players various styles of attack patterns.

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Speed > Power > Technical

The turn-based combat in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin relies on a rock-paper-scissors system, in which you choose your fighting tactic based on the approach you think your enemy will take. Speed beats Power, Power beats Technical, and Technical beats Speed. You can see this hierarchy illustrated in the Fight tab during your combat turn.

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You can anticipate the attacks your opponent will take based on what type of Monster they are. Your friendly Felyne, Navirou, will also point out traits about Monsters—such as noting which ones are quick on their feet—to give you clues on which tactics to take in battle.

A nice feature of this game’s combat mechanics is that you can switch out weapons or Monsties without losing your turn, so don’t hesitate to swap out your default Monstie for one that is better suited to overpower your foe. If you want to check which attacks your Monsties specialize in, toggle the Monsties tab during battle to get an overview of your party members.

Not only will your chosen companion deal greater damage, you’ll also trigger a chance to perform ultra-powerful Double Attacks when you and your Monstie select the same type of attack. These moves will help you take down strong opponents much faster (and earn more rewards!).

Special Combat Skills

Performing well in combat slowly raises your Kinship Gauge, with moves like Double Attack granting a huge boost to your Gauge. Your Kinship Gauge allows you to unlock two additional battle features: Skills and Riding.

You can activate a Skill from the battle menu at the cost of Kinship Charge, which will deplete your Gauge. There are three Skill attack types (Speed, Technical, and Power), and each Skill deals slightly more damage than your normal attacks.

Alternatively, you can wait for your Kinship Gauge to completely fill up to ride your Monstie during battle. Riding provides all kinds of benefits: your Rider’s health is fully restored, your Monstie recovers HP, and your Attack and Defense stats are boosted.

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