PlayStation’s State of Play on March 17 described and presented a lot of the combat in Hogwarts Legacy. In this guide, we outline everything we know so far about Hogwarts Legacy’s dueling mechanics.

How dueling works in Hogwarts Legacy

Image via Avalanche

Dueling is mentioned at the trailer’s beginning and is expanded upon later. Players will have to face many enemies in the game, and they will have a lot of control over spellcasting. In the trailer, the main character calls out spells as they attack.

The spells that are cast and when they go out are completely up to the player. While dueling, you can decide who to attack, stun enemies, and even launch enemies into the air.

Dodging, rolling, and deflecting

Image via Avalanche

As is seen and mentioned in the trailer, players can dodge and deflect spells, but it can also happen to them. The main character actively avoids combat, and their enemies use shields to deflect spells. Fighting defensively is just as important as fighting offensively.

Using the environment

A few times in the trailer, the R1 button icon can be seen around the environment. There is a barrel, shown above, with that same icon. The next moment, it’s used in combat and thrown at the enemy. We can assume that this means players can use items from their environment in combat.

Health system

Image via Avalanche

Hogwarts Legacy does not seem to show a regular health system. Instead of a meter going down when the player is attacked, part of the screen goes red. This may be a form of the overwhelm screens we see in games now, where players just need to avoid being attacked too much in a short period of time.

There are other cool details, like spells that have an area of attack or make the player move quickly, that isn’t gone into detail in the trailer. We may see more in the coming months.

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