In Diablo Immortal, you can choose between six classes, but you usually don’t have time to play more than one character. That was always the issue with the Diablo franchise, but in Immortal, you have to grind even more to achieve success, so playing with another class is very unlikely. Blizzard has addressed this issue in the Diablo Immortal update with the introduction of Class Change.

What is Class Change in Diablo Immortal

Class Change is a mechanic introduced in Diablo Immortal that lets you play as another class while maintaining most of the previous progress. For example, that means that you can switch between Demon Hunter and Crusader while keeping the adventurers level. Class change is available starting at level 35, and you can change class every seven days.

After the change, you will have these benefits:

  • Your class-specific gear from the old class will be replaced with the items for a new class.
  • It’s possible to recustomize your appearance.
  • Paragon points are fully refunded the first time you switch class.
  • You’ll keep your Challenge Rift progress.

Keep in mind that by changing class, you may lose some class-specific cosmetics, and some items won’t be usable anymore (Barbarian can’t use a crossbow). Also, you will lose your Challenge Rift Leaderboard position.

How to do a Class Change in Diablo Immortal

To use the Class Change option in Diablo Immortal, follow these instructions.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
  1. Go to Westmarch.
  2. Find Shifting Flames near Selynee’s Basilica.
  3. Use Shifting flames.
  4. Select a class you want to switch to.
  5. Customize your character.
  6. Confirm selection.

Congratulations, you can now continue playing, but with a new class. If you’re not satisfied, you can revert once per character. If you do that, you will have to wait seven days to change class again. That means you can’t revert and select another class in seven days.

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