Iron Trials is one of the most loved game modes in Call of Duty: Warzone. It was initially added to the game back in Verdansk days and since the it has undergone several variations. With the Season 3 update, a new Iron Trials playlist was added to the Caldera map.

Caldera Iron Trials promotes competitive play by increasing the player health and hence reducing the time-to-kill (TTK) of every weapon. This increases the skill-gap, which in turn rewards tactical playstyle and accuracy in the game.

Here’s a list of features in Caldera Iron Trials mode that differ from regular Battle Royale:

  • Base Health increased
  • Health regeneration amount decreased and delay timer increased
  • No free loadout drops
  • Scarce cash piles, killstreaks, and high rarity weapons
  • No Stopping Power and Dead Silence Field Upgrades
  • Increased cost of items at Buy Stations
  • Increased amount of cash retained on death
  • No akimbo weapons or Shotguns in the Gulag
  • No trucks, bikes and helicopters, i.e., ATVs, tac rovers, and squad transports only.
  • Sniper Rifles can one-shot kill only up to 90 meters

Some other changes that you may find while playing this mode include the reduced effectiveness of Stun Grenades and the slower regeneration rate of Stims.

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