FIFA 23 has arrived, and players are eagerly looking forward to testing out the various new features implemented, including a revamped Chemistry system. With realism being one of the key focus in gameplay advancements, FIFA 23 has introduced a new mechanic which allows for players to have distinguishable running styles based on their height and explosiveness, among other factors. The following is a breakdown of how the AcceleRATE feature works in FIFA 23.

How does the AcceleRATE feature work in FIFA 23

Many players who share similar speeds might move differently, depending upon their height and agility. As briefly mentioned above, AcceleRATE is a player movement system which divides players into three main acceleration archetypes—Controlled, Explosive, and Lengthy. This feature aims to bring more realism and gameplay options by assigning players to one of the three archetypes, based on a combination of their agility, strength, and height. With that said, however, acceleration and sprint speed will still remain the primary factors for determining a player’s overall speed.

All Acceleration Types in FIFA 23

The AcceleRATE feature assigns players to one of three acceleration archetypes based on a combination of their height, strength, and agility. The following are all three acceleration types in FIFA 23.

  • Controlled – The Controlled acceleration type will be assigned to most players in FIFA 23. This acceleration type stands for players with a uniform and controlled acceleration.
  • Explosive – This acceleration type will focus mainly on wingers and midfielders. Players assigned to the Explosive archetype will be of smaller height, with high acceleration stats. These players excel in explosive speed, which will help them to run past defenders quickly and make incisive passes.
  • Lengthy – The Lengthy archetype will be assigned to players who are tall and strong. Due to their bigger stature, these players lack the explosive speed of midfielders. However, owing to their height, they can cover ground faster once they are up to speed.

How are Acceleration Types assigned in FIFA 23

Players will be automatically assigned to one of the three acceleration types based on a combination of their agility, strength, and height. The following are the stat requirements that players need to meet in order to be assigned to one of the acceleration types in FIFA 23.

  • Controlled
    • Any player who does not meet the requirements for Explosive and Lengthy acceleration types.
    • Example player: Son Heung-min
  • Explosive
    • Agility: 65 and above
    • (Agility – Strength): 15 and above
    • Acceleration: 70 and above
    • Height: Less than 180 cm (5’11”)
    • Example player: Vinícius Jr
  • Lengthy
    • Agility: 65 and above
    • (Agility – Strength): 15 and above
    • Acceleration: 50 and above
    • Height: More than 174 cm (5’9”)
    • Example player: Virgil Van Dijk

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