You can use fishing rods in Minecraft to fish and obtain various kinds of fish in the game via water sources. 

To fish, you will need to cast your fishing rod’s hook in a water source. Once you cast your fishing rod’s hook into a water source, you will need to wait around 5 to 30 seconds before something bites your hook and gets caught.

Fishing can also net you various kinds of other items such as enchanted books and items known as treasure items. 

But to get these items, it’s recommended to have at least luck of the sea. Otherwise, the chances of obtaining treasure items are low, and catching fish is higher. 

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With the enchantment, you will gain a vastly increased rate of finding treasure items, so if you are trying to get enchanted books from fishing, you’ll need the luck of the sea. 

If you are just after fish, just go with the lure enchantment, as it will increase the rate at which fish get caught by your fishing rod’s rod hook. It does this by removing a few seconds from the usual rate of 30 seconds with each level of lure enchantment. 

So if you want to become a fishing machine, it’s recommended to get the highest tier of lure. 

How to fish faster in Minecraft?

If you want to fish faster in Minecraft, the main method is to get the lure enchanted in its highest tier on your fishing rod.

You can get lure from its enchantment book or the usual process of using an enchanting table. 

Fishing, while it is raining, will also give a small chance of getting fish on your hook fast by decreasing the waiting period by two seconds instead of one. 

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