Hildebrandt Palace is one of the Abyssal Dungeons that you can experience when you play through Lost Ark. After unlocking Abyssal Dungeons by completing the Waiting and Leaving quest in North Vern, you’ll have access to this dungeon among others. In order to start it, you must be at least Level 50 with an Item Level of at least 460. You will be able to start it by simply going to the Abyssal Dungeon shrine in any major city or, if you’ve unlocked it, you can enter the Integrated Dungeon by pressing Alt + Q. This dungeon is for four players.

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How to Complete Hildebrandt Palace in Lost Ark

The first boss that you’re going to experience when playing this dungeon is the Phantom Legion Queen. This area can be a bit of a challenge as this boss’s special attack is to launch a wave of power that could one-shot whoever it touches. The secret to surpassing this is to teleport through the mirrors to the other side of the wave, dodging them completely. As you do this and lessen her health bar, the only other attack you need to watch out for is her clockwise spin attack.

The second boss that you’ll encounter is Brelshaza who will attack in two phases. The first phase will cause giant balls to fall from the sky which you must dodge. During this phase, one player will have a meteor target on them which signifies that they must be the one to walk to the boss in order to end the sequence.

Once this sequence is over, the second phase will begin which will be a Stagger check. You’ll need to meet the Stagger check requirement in order to lower the Stagger bar and continue to deal damage to Brelshaza. As you finish the fight, another mechanic you might need to pass through gives three players in the party a light. These players need to aim and throw their light at the one player that has a white X over them. If done correctly, Brelshaza will drop a bomb on that spot, making it clear where players have to go in order to dodge this party-wipe mechanic.

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