Forge of Fallen Pride is an Abyssal Dungeon that can be unlocked as you play through the Yorn storyline in Lost Ark. It is the second of two dungeons within the Ark of Arrogance target area. Once you’ve completed the Yorn storyline, the Road of Lament dungeon, and reached an Item Level of at least 840, you’ll be able to unlock and go through this dungeon.

The dungeon itself can be accessed by selecting Alt+Q in order to enter the Integrated Dungeon window. Here, you’ll have access to all of the different raid dungeons you can complete including Abyssal Dungeons.

How to Complete Forge of Fallen Pride in Lost Ark

There are two bosses to encounter in this dungeon: Amaus and Kaishur. We’ve outlined who to defeat them both below.

Amaus has two mechanics that you need to be aware of. The first is called Curse and it makes a red circle appear around the player. The circle will detonate after three seconds but will not hurt you, only the teammates that you have in your radius. The second mechanic is called Wyvern Summon and happens twice throughout the whole fight. The first time is at eight health bars and the second is at four where two wyverns will be summoned to assist them in battle.

Kaishur is a little more difficult as one of his mechanics has the ability to wipe out your entire party. The mechanic that doesn’t wipe your party is called Counterattack and it involves them raising a shield all around them. When this happens, players need to stop attacking until the shield goes away. Then, once at the sixteenth health bar and again at the eighth, Kaishur will go to the center of the map and channel an attack.

It is important to see what color orb Kaishur will hold up as you will need to kill the phantom that corresponds to the color of the orb. The orb will either be red or white and when you kill the correct phantom, a safe zone will appear over its corpse that you will need to stand in to prevent getting killed.

Besides that, Kaishur’s attack patterns are pretty simple though, it is worth trying to dodge the their attacks over trying to damage them.

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