Slime Rancher 2 is a casual adventure simulation game on PC and Xbox Game Pass. Following the events of the first Slime Rancher, you continue to play as Beatrix and explore a whole new location of Rainbow Island. There is plenty to be discovered on the mysterious Island with plenty of new Slimes, Tech, and strange secrets to be unraveled. You will need to farm as many Plorts as possible to upgrade your gear, earn newbucks and thrive in the new world. Here is how you can store your Plorts for safekeeping.

How to store Plorts in the Refinery in Slime Rancher 2

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The Refinery is a great place to store your harvested Plorts, but you will not be able to remove them once you do. Plorts you store here are used solely for upgrades to your tech and Vacpack, which are essential for your journey on Rainbow Island. You can find a Refinery in the lower level of your Conservatory with a port to shoot your Plorts into. Activating the Refinery will display all the Plorts you have stored inside already.

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There are also smaller Refinery ports located around the wild as you are exploring, making it easy to store your Plorts there for later use. Later, you can unlock a Refinery Link Warp Tech at your Fabricator, allowing you to store Plorts in the Refinery from any location. However, if you want to store your Plorts to sell or use to hybrid your Slimes, you can put them in Silos instead.

How to store Plorts in Silos in Slime Rancher 2

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Silos are storage containers that can be placed on Plots with 450 newbucks. They have several slots available to place Plorts or other items you want to save for later, allowing you to put them in and take them out whenever. Activating the Silo will switch to the next open slot. You can also purchase upgrades for the Silo to increase your storage space.

Plorts are an essential material in the game required for crafting upgrades, making newbucks, or forming hybrid Slimes. You will want to gain as many as possible to further your journey on the Island, and storing them in the Refinery or Silos benefits that accumulation.

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