To handcuff a troublesome player in Barotrauma, you will need to first beat them into submission with a baton or stun them with a stun gun. Once incapacitated, you will then need to grab them by pressing the G key. 

When the player is grabbed, you will need to drag the handcuffs from your inventory into the other player’s inventory. Once the handcuffs are placed inside their inventory, click the equip button to handcuff the incapacitated player. 

After you hit equip, the handcuffs will prevent the player from using items, accessing inventories, or continuing disrupting operations on your submarine. 

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How to stun players in Barotrauma?

You can stun players very quickly using either a stun gun or a stun baton. Both tools will work wonders towards stunning players. But the most important thing to remember is that you have a limited time to handcuff a player. 

So once a player is stunned, it is best to work quickly and get the job done before they wake up to counter your attempt to handcuff them. The best way to stun players would be to use the stun gun as it is a one-shot deal and can be quickly shot to stun a player. 

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