When you’re not following the main story arc or battling waves of demons in Lost Ark, you’re likely on the lookout for some of its many collectible items. The 100 or so Island Souls dotted around the game’s many islands are some of the most sought-after. Some of them are simple to find, others less so. So, where do you get the Golden Wave Island Soul in Lost Ark?

Where is the Lost Ark Golden Wave Island Soul?

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Unfortunately, this is one of those RNG quests that can be frustrating. The Golden Wave Island soul is in one of the many loot chests and bags on the island. It’s not in a specific one, you just have to keep opening chests until you get a lucky drop. On the plus side, it didn’t take us too long to find it (maybe 15 minutes). And there are other things to do on the island while you search.

There is a simple quest chain on the island that starts with the Broken T-82 robot clearly marked on your map when you arrive on the island. Following this quest chain will have you opening the chests anyway, so you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Better still, you will often find Shipwreck Scrap in the chests you open. These can be used to complete the Replacement Parts Una’s Quest that will become available to you once you’ve finished the T82 robot’s quests. Golden Wave Island is also a prime spot to find T1 relics, as there are no mobs on the island.

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