To get Jewelry in BitLife, you must visit the Asset tab. Under the Asset tab, you will need to select the Go Shopping option and find a Jeweler. The Jeweler sells various types of Jewelry.

However, there will also be two options for Jewelers: Shady Tom’s Discount Gems and Prudent Jewelry. Shady Tom’s sells fake jewelry that players can buy and gift if they don’t have much money. Prudent Jewelry will sell authentic Jewelry at various prices that range from 20 dollars to 5,000 dollars. We recommend getting a job that pays at least a few thousand dollars each year if you want Jewelry. Doing so gives you enough money to afford to buy expensive Jewelry in BitLife. 

How to buy Jewelry worth over 5K in BitLife

To buy Jewelry worth over 5K in BitLife, you first need to make some money. You can get rich fast in BitLife by getting a job that pays a ton of money or gambling. Once you have a sizeable bank account, you can purchase Jewelry worth over 5K by heading to a Jeweler and buying any Jewelry worth over 5K. 

Where to find the Jeweler in BitLife

You find a Jeweler under the Asset tab in BitLife. The Asset tab is near the bottom left of your screen when you are at the Main Menu hub. Click the Asset tab, and you will see another list of options. These options will include one that says Go Shopping. Click Go Shopping and you can find the Jeweler, as shown below.

What is Jewelry used for in BitLife?

Jewelry in BitLife is used for gifting to other NPCs or for marriage if it is a ring. Players can also sell their Jewelry, get it appraised, and donate it to Charity.

How to gift Jewelry in BitLife

If you want to gift another NPC a piece of Jewelry, find Jewelry under Assets. Clicking on your piece of Jewelry will display several options, one of which will be a Gift option. Click Gift, and you will be able to give the Jewelry to another NPC of your choosing. 

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