Soulstice is a spectacle fighter game where you play as sisters Briar and Lute, who seek to cleanse the city of Ilden of evil. The game features unique hack and slash mechanics and allows you to play two characters at once during combat. While the combat is relatively straightforward, the game’s exploration can be confusing at times. Come join us as we discover how to cross the wrecked ship in the first level of Soulstice.

How do you get across the wrecked boat in Soulstice?

How do you get across the wrecked boat?

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During the first mission of Soulstice, titled All the Lost Souls, there is an upside-down ship that has been wrecked by the tide. You cannot single-jump over this obstacle, as this will cause you to slide back down the ship. Even so, you still can cross the ship’s hull with a double jump. Take a running start and jump once, then wait a moment and jump again. The game is slightly tricky about the platforming here, and you must be running toward the ship in order for your jumps to clear the ship’s hull.

If you’re frustrated that you’re having problems with this obstacle that seems simple at first, don’t be. Soulstice’s fixed camera angles make it hard to judge where you are in 3D space, so it may feel like you are re-learning mechanics that used to be second nature. Unless you’re a veteran of fixed camera angle games like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, it’s normal to find difficulty in new mechanics.

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