Streaming on Twitch has the potential to be extremely lucrative, with recent alleged leaks from the site suggesting that the top personalities on the site earn millions of dollars each year. But how exactly do you make money on Twitch?

To make money on Twitch, you need to be either an Affiliate or a Partner. Affiliates and Partners can earn money with Twitch Bits and Subscriptions. Partners earn money from Advertisement Revenue in addition to any Bits or Subs they have. Partners can also control to a certain extent when viewers see ads.

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In addition to making money directly on Twitch, streamers can make money through donations, sponsorships, or uploading content elsewhere. Streamers can take donations through a service such as StreamLabs, or KoFi.

Sponsorships come in all forms, from money given to promote products, free samples, or traffic sharing initiatives. Businesses tend to try and find popular creators who appeal to the demographic they’re looking to sell their products to.

Many Twitch streamers also create clips or highlights for YouTube for additional revenue. Additionally, they might use Patreon or other fan-support platforms for their content.

Additionally, large streamers often sign deals with platforms for larger portions of revenue and income. Some of the most popular names on Twitch likely have deals with the company that provide them with income as an incentive to stay on the platform and not move to a competitor such as YouTube.

In general, a small streamer with a few hundred subs can make a couple of hundred dollars a month. Meanwhile, a streamer with thousands of subscribers, donors, and followers is likely to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

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