Gamedec is an isometric cyberpunk RPG that works a little differently than typical RPGs. There are no level-up systems or experience points in the traditional sense. Instead, Gamedec uses what’s Professions and Aspects.

Professions are similar to classes or roles while Aspects can be considered your skills or traits. Both systems can be somewhat confusing as there is a lot of information to absorb. It is also possible to change these on the fly as you progress.

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Professions play out mostly in conversation or when you are making decisions. Unlocking new professions will give you different dialogue choices and thus allow you to play the game differently. You can even see profession dialogue choices unavailable to you or select them on the spot if you have enough aspect points. Your professions will define your character progression. What professions are available to you are based directly on your Aspects.

Aspects are your skills, or what makes your detective who he or she is. Aspect points are gained as you, typically in conversations or how you interact with NPCs. Each decision you make influences how NPCs perceive you and thus shift your aspects towards one spectrum or another. If you behave more empathetically, your empathy aspect will increase or vice versa.

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