There are multiple things to level up and multiple things to unlock. One main method of leveling up and unlocking is done through quests. Naraka: Bladepoint offers multiple different types of quests.

Some quests are player-specific while others may be specific to each character. The player can complete daily quests that will reset as well as weekly quests. In addition to these, there are season quests and challenge quests.

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Quests will reward players with experience to level up as well as Hidden Treasure XP that will level up the player’s battlepass. These quests range from killing enemies with certain weapons, playing a certain number of matches, collecting items throughout the map, and many more.

Challenge quests are unique in that the player must have hidden coins to start them. These can be selected at the start of a match if the player wishes for an additional challenge. Completing these will award the player a large XP chest.

Each character also has Cultivation quests that are specific to them. These will level up your characters and reward the player with Immortal Treasure. Each character also has Heroic Tales quests which typically challenge to complete a difficult task or achieve a great number of something.

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