As you progress through Garden Story Concord will interact with NPCs on its quest to save the Grove. Along the way, Concord will form memories of its closest friends and memorable moments. These create memories the player can use to customize Concord.

Memories are a way to increase Concord’s stats. Some will increase stats or give buffs while others will both drastically increase stats at the cost of decreasing other stats. To the left of Concord’s memories will be the young grape’s stats so that you can see what each is at before deciding on which memories to equip.

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At the start, Concord only has one memory slot available out of nine. As the player progresses they will unlock more memory slots for Concord. Combining these memories is a great way to build Concord into the type of character you prefer to play.

These memories are also a way for the player to look back on their accomplishments and keep track of what they have done so far in Concord’s quest. Each memory features a description of why the memory stands out in Concord’s mind as well.

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