With Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone, Raven Software added a new mechanic to the game that highly impacts the looting preferences of players. Prior to this update, perks could only be equipped from loadout drops, however, players can now get perks as in-game loot items.

Available as legendary loot items across Caldera, up to eight perks can be equipped by players without the need for custom classes. These perks spawn inside supply boxes and on the ground. If you’re already equipped with the perk that you’ve found as loot, you cannot equip it twice and it’s always better to mark it for your teammates.

All Lootable Perks in Warzone Pacific

Here’s a list of perks that are currently available as legendary rarity loot items in Warzone:

  1. Battle Hardened – Resistance to Flash, Stun, Gas, and Snapshot grenades.
  2. High Alert – Your screen flashes when an enemy outside of your view aims at you.
  3. Restock – Recharge equipment overtime.
  4. Tempered – Two armor plates work as three.
  5. Quick Fix – Regenerate health after getting kills.
  6. Scavenger – Resupply ammo from eliminated players.
  7. Pointman (Plunder Exclusive) – Earn more money from objectives.
  8. Currently unknown.

While any perk you receive is advantageous in survival and combat situations, certain perks are simply overpowered to equip on top of your loadout perks. For instance, Battle Hardened, Restock, Tempered, Quick Fix, and High Alert can prove to be extremely crucial in most fights you take.

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