Tears of Themis motivates Stellis’ budding attorneys to collect cards of their favorite male leads. These cards are functional in battle and unlock various heart-fluttering stories and private messages that allow you to discover more about Luke, Marius, Artem, and Vyn.

The easiest way to collect cards is to pull for them through the Visions menu at the bottom of the home screen. There are different kinds of banners, each with a unique set of mechanics. Here, we’ll cover all you need to know about Limited Tears and how they differ from Special Tears—premium currency exclusive to the limited banner type.

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Limited Tears

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Limited Tears are premium currencies that be obtained as rewards from in-game events, usually during the event duration or from smaller events leading up to the bigger one. Limited Tears can’t be purchased from the Shop, nor can they be obtained through S-Chip conversion.

They’re also only useable in the limited banner and will be converted to Stellin when left unused. As a result, it’s important to collect all the Limited Tears as quickly as possible when they release and use them up before the Limited banner ends—even if you don’t like the card lineup.

Special / Event Tears

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Special Tears are released alongside specific events and can be used to pull in the limited banner but not in the normal banner. Unlike Limited Tears, Special Tears can be purchased with real-life money and can be obtained through S-Chip conversion. The game usually allows you to convert S-Chips for Special Tears at a discounted rate (1,440 S-Chips for 10 Special Tears) a number of times during the limited banner period.

When the limited banner ends, Special Tears are converted to normal Tears at a 1:1 rate. So even if you don’t like the limited cards, you can still take advantage of the discounted conversion rate and wait until the event ends to obtain your converted Tears.

Limited vs. Special Tears

In summary, Limited Tears can only be obtained as event rewards while Special Tears can be obtained through normal purchase methods. When pulling in the limited banner, both currency types hold the same weight and can be used interchangeably. For example, you can do a 10-pull using five Limited Tears and five Special Tears.

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