Airoheart features some familiar gameplay despite being a new game. It’s hard not to see parallels to classics like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with this title. It has its fair share of new features as well, though. Items can be a little tough to use in a pinch, so here is how to use them properly.

How does the item system work in Airoheart?

Players can collect items from the first level of Airoheart, but they will not automatically equip them. Players need to access their journals and move items into a slot to equip and use them.

The Airoheart doesn’t mention that players should open their journals because it expects players to do it intuitively. When the player opens the journal for the first time, they will get a small tutorial on how the tabs of the journal operate.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

In the items tab, players will see every item in their inventory on the left side. They want to select the item they want to use so that it appears on the right side as part of their immediate kit. After that, players can just press the button on the Nintendo Switch to use the item.

The one item that seems to be exempt from this system is the sword. Players can slash at any time by pressing ZR. When entering a new room, it’s optimal to have a combat item ready (e.g., arrows) and switch to other things like bombs when all of the enemies in the room have been cleared.

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