Guardian Angels are one of the brand new roles introduced to Among Us in “version 2021.11.09.” These roles add a new dimension to gameplay beyond just Imposter and Crewmate, and Guardian Angel is one of the most important.

Introduced to the game on Nov 9, 2021, a Guardian Angel is a unique role applied to the first Crewmate to die to an imposter. After dying, this Crewmate becomes the Guardian Angel. From there, you’re able to use your special ability to cast a protection shield around the remaining Crewmates.

A well-timed shield will protect other living crewmates and even prevent impostors from killing their victims. This can blow the game right open if executed properly.

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Like all of the new roles, the Guardian Angel can be toggled and customized in the lobbies before the game starts. In addition, you can toggle details such as the advantage each of these roles has and the number, although by default and in most games, there will be just one Guardian Angel.

The Guardian Angel joins the other new Crewmate roles, The Scientist and Engineer, and the new Imposter role, the Shapeshifter, in Among Us’ latest update. These roles have spiced up the game, so it’s a great time to go back to the base game and try it again!

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