Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin allows you to take on the game with friends. Of course, the multiplayer mode can be a bit tricky, especially in a game like Final Fantasy. You probably wonder how constrained you are in choosing Jobs and using your gear.

Despite playing as Jack’s party member, you aren’t restricted on what Job you can use or what gear you have on. When you load into a multiplayer game, the equipment and Job set you are currently using on Jack will be equipped. You won’t be able to see the gear on the character you’re playing as, and they will have their starting skin.

Do loot and Jobs work in co-op in

Loot and Jobs work pretty much work the same as in single-player.For more details on how the loot system works, you can click here for a quick guide. You can equip new loot that you acquire at any time, and you can change your Job and expand your Job Tree while in multiplayer. Once you are done playing with your friend, all these stats transfer back to your world.

You will also be able to unlock new classes and use them as you play in multiplayer. This even counts for advanced Jobs like Thief that you can only unlock by working through the Job Tree.

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